N.C.C. : There are two units of N.C.C. in the College, one for male students and other for girls students. The outstanding cadets have the scope for employment. The excellent performance of the department motivated the concerned authority so as to select the college for organizing two successive National Integration Camps- 2009 & 2010.

N.S.S. : The College has three motivated N.S.S. Units. The Units serve various community development programmes like village and slum development, pre-schooling camp, social awareness programme like pulse-polio, etc.

Games & Sports: The College provides ample scopes for both indoor and outdoor games and sports facilities for the students. The College provides necessary infrastructures for the purpose.The students of the College take active part in various Games & Sports. In fact there is a formal degree course on Physical Education as well. Apart from Annual Sports events the College sends outstanding sports persons to participate in different Inter-Collegiate, District and State Sports Meets. Every year three to four students represent U-19 Bengal State Cricket Team, as well as University Cricket Team. Huge students participated in National level Football competition, Yoga competition and other events organized by recognized authorities.

College Magazine: The College Magazine ‘Abhih’ is regularly published to nurture the literary and communicative potential of the College. The departments also publish wall magazine where their cultural and aesthetic talents are reflected.