Academic Calendar :

    Academic Calendar prepared by the College Administration in consultation with the concerned faculty is given to the students which help them to know syllabus, academic plan, class programmes, etc. It also helps them to know the yearly academic programmes, teaching days of the College and others.

Teaching :

    The College has (twenty one) full time, distinguished and sincere faculties. Equally integral and qualified 36 (thirty six) contractual and guest lecturers are serving the College by discharging their conscientious and sincere duties. In addition to chalk and talk method class room interaction, field work, group discussion , class room lecture series and virtual class rooms are also adopted as teaching aids to impart knowledge to the students effectively. The audio-visual aids, over head projectors and computers are used in the class rooms for teaching in many departments. Tutorial and Remedial classes are taken on a regular basis, when applied-for, and special emphasis is given to less gifted students from backward communities.

Non-teaching Staff:

    The College has an all-round competent staff whose devotion to students’ welfare as well as in the activities associated with the development of the college are remarkable and praise-worthy. In response to the changing scenario in the college administration process they make themselves competent by introducing the computerization and semi-automation in the central administration process. They are so cordial to the students that they never watch the watch in discharging their duties. Only 24 (twenty four) hands cover the duties of 40 (forty) hands.

Research Activities:

    The College has a strong foundation on Research work. The faculties have completed several UGC projects. Four Research projects are going at present including one Major Research Project. Five Faculties are carrying doctoral research works. Several Ph.D. scholars are being supervised by the faculty member of Memari College. The faculty of the College also supervised the research project of IIFH Hyderabad. The faculties have more than 35(thirty five) books and hundreds articles with National and International recognition.