College Principal – Dr Debasis Chakroborty

The College is highly successful in spreading higher education in this remote rural economically backward region where there is no college within a periphery of around 21(twenty one) Km. As a result, a large number of students, along with female candidates who had no opportunity to avail themselves of entering into the corridors of higher education from the families of landless farmers, daily wage earners and so on, may afford to be initiated into the higher education from the College. The College encourages the meritorious students from minority communities, Scheduled Castes & Tribes to get admission in this College. The College is motivated to encourage and spread higher education amongst the youth and thereby enlighten and enabling them to develop a scientific approach to life immune from prejudice and allied ills of the society. The College has achieved a dignified niche in the varsity by virtue of catering to the needs of the people in respect of education, training, employment access and equal opportunity in courses of its judicious functioning. Since we are always aware of our mission: To empower the local youth to seek employment and to go for Post-graduate education To make the youth students law-abiding and useful citizens of the country and infuse in them a sense of satisfaction for the betterment of the fellow To nurture the students educationally, mentally and physically To spread education with an emphasis on female empowerment and the minority sections To develop the students in non-core options and entrepreneurial skills Resource mobilization and generation of employment opportunities for the students and ex students.

Warm Regards ,
Dr Debasis Chakroborty